Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keeping a promise

Back on my Tri-Shutter card post I promised to show you pictures of the aftermath of creating that card. Warning to the faint of heart: it's NOT pretty!! When I was working on this card, it kind of mushroomed on me and I put more effort into it than I originally planned on putting into it. Which of course means a bigger mess! I'm really bad about not completely cleaning up one mess before I more on to another project. The result of that is I usually only have about 12 square inches of space to work in. I've seen the err of my ways however, and I have resolved to clean up after every project. So far, so good! The first 2 pictures are of both my work surfaces immediately after finishing my Tri-Shutter card.

The next 2 pictures are after I cleaned up! LOL I actually have lots more pictures to show you. I did some re-arranging and reorganizing and it warrants a whole 'nother blog post. So stay tuned to see that in the near future. I have lots of stuff to show you in the not so distant future.

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Penguinwoman said...

LOVE the pix of your stamp room - and LOVE the card display with the clips! Do you have any idea where you got that? I MUST have one! I have a shelf where I display recent class projects, and things are always falling over!

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