Monday, September 14, 2009

Come on in!

So, I thought I'd take you all on a tour of my stamp room. I did one a long time ago and a few things have changed since then. So I thought an update was in order.
This is the view from the doorway of my room. My room is small, measuring approx. 12x11. I use every square inch of the space I have. I've refined my storage and organization over the years to meet my needs. Let me take you through it.

This is a shot of my counter height work surface. I'm a standing up stamper. So this is my main work area. As you can see, I like all my tools close at hand. I keep my cardstock in 8 1/2x11" clear craft keepers. I also keep all my cardstock scraps in them as well. I have more cardstock on a shelf under my countertop that you can't see. It works very well for me. I keep my current favorite stamp sets right over my work surface too. My ink pads are on a little shelf unit that I re-purposed from a thrift store find years ago. My punches are on curtain rods I bought from Target. The drawers hold all my adhesives, miscellaneous tools, embellishments, business supplies, etc.

When I turn around from my counter top, this is my other work surface. I do my cutting, scoring and die cutting here. I also keep my stamp cleaner on this table. I have a rolling stool I can sit down on if I need to take a break from standing up. You can see it in the lower left corner of the picture. It was covered in red vinyl. And I re-covered it with the same fabric I made my ribbon board out of. Much prettier! And as an added bonus, I don't slide off of it LOL
A close up of my punch storage. I have alot of punches on each of those rods and they hold up very well!

On each side of the hanging wall unit, I have these magnetic strips from Ikea. They are supposed to be used for knife storage in the kitchen. I'm using them to store all my SU embellies. If I don't see them, I don't use them! Can't miss them now!

What stamp room would be complete without a pair of giant scissors? I got these at World Market and paid entirely way too much money for them. But it was a rare splurge for me, or maybe a moment of's a fine line.

On the other side of the room I have more stamp storage. This is one of those cube units from Target. It's perfect for storing stamps. The little shelf unit on top is near and dear to my heart. My husband made is many years ago to hold baby food jars when my youngest was a baby......way too many years ago!! Who would have thought it would find a second life storing stamps?

The hutch holds mostly non-SU embellies. The jars are full of ribbons and buttons and other goodies left over from my scrapbooking days. They still make me happy when I look at them even though I rarely use them.

I hope you enjoyed touring my stamp room with me. This is the one room in the house that is all my own, and I have many hours of enjoyment here. I think I'll go create something!


Ellen Kemper said...

Beautiful room and I'm sure beautiful projects will come pouring out of it.

I suspect many jealous women will be drooling over these photos.

Thanks for sharing.

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

This is just lovely. How wonderful to be creative in organized bliss!

Cindy Marchant said...

Beautiful and well organized room!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing other's rooms!

Janette said...

Loved the room TFS...can I ask what have you got your ribbon spools in ???

Linda F. said...

Wow!...Just wow! Although I love my space (affectionately dubbed "the cave" by Gary), yours still makes me so jealous! LOL! 2 things I would love to have that I just can't figure out how to put in my space: a rack for the punches & an island for my machines!

mary.schultz said...

I just finished building my new craft room (I stamp & scrapbook, sew, crochet, and quilt, amoung other things), and have been browsing for pics of other people's rooms for storage ideas. You've given me a lot of things to consider, and I really like how you have everything set up, so thank you!

kay said...

Amazing! It's my dream to have a room like this! If only I had a whole room for crafting. You're so blessed! Thank you for sharing! I love all you did in this room! Brilliant!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

Stamp heaven! I love pretty organization and fun projects. I'd never leave this room! :)


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