Friday, January 30, 2009

A tour of the stamp room!

I thought since I have no new projects to share, I'd show you some pictures of my stamp room. It is a small room, about 11'x11'. I love that big window, it lets in lots of natural light.
This used to be our guest room.....not anymore!
The first picture is the view looking into the room from the doorway. I like to stand up while I do my stamping, so I had a counter installed with drawers on both sides. There is lots of stuff in those drawers!

This picture shows my work table. It used to be our old kitchen table and the hutch that matches it. I painted them both white. I do most of my cutting on the table. It's not usually this neat either. Over in the corner, I now have a cube unit to store all my stamp sets. I no longer have the TV in there. I never watched it. I probably should take some new pictures of that at some point.

Here's a better picture of the hutch. On the bottom shelf I used to store all my scrapbooking kits in the canvas bins. They are all gone now......right Peggy? The jars on the shelves hold miscellaneous embellishments, ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc.

This is my french memo board that I made! I couldn't find one commercially in the size or materials I wanted. So I decided to make one myself. It was super easy. I just bought a pre-made frame (24"x36" I believe), took out the glass. Also bought an artists canvas and covered it with polyester batting. Then covered that with this Waverly fabric I've had forever, and stapled it to the canvas back. Then I used black grosgrain ribbon to make the criss crosses. I added a decorative upholstery tack at every meeting point of the ribbon. I popped the fabric covered canvas back in the frame and voila! That's all there is to it. The hardest part was making sure the ribbon was spaced correctly.

Now I have this beautiful display area for my cards. I love it!

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Rachel said...

You know I love your room Lyn! I wish I could come over and mess it up with ya. And some day I will! LOL

Your countertop might end up being your best friend. For me, a few weeks post-op (when I could do almost nothing else), I found that the kitchen counters were the most comfortable places to scrap/stamp. I couldn't sit in a chair or stand up straight for any length of time. But I could sit on the edge of a bar stool and the countertop was just the right height. It also was the most comfortable position for me too.

Anonymous said...

No Rachel, I want to go over and mess up her room. Me me me me!!!!!

It's beautiful Lyn!!!

Allison said... you have to come over and re-do my room! Love the memo board!

Lyn said...

I'd love to have you ALL over to stamp with me! Maybe someday?
Allison, I'd love to come help you re-do your room, I'd just have to hold that precious baby of yours though :)

kris said...

How did I miss this!?!?!? Your room looks FABULOUS!! FANTASTIC! I love it! Looks so put together, I know, for the sake of pics!! Like mine! Love the memo board too, I may have to make a new one, my old one is dusty and too small! ;) I wanna come scrap too!

The DIY Show Off said...

What a pretty and organized room! Love it! Your memo board is gorgeous! Great job!

Thanks so much for linking to The DIY Show & Tell too! Otherwise - I would have missed this. I love saving inspiration for ideas. Now I need a stamp room! ;)


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