Saturday, January 24, 2009

Passing the Time

Well, I'm still here, passing the time while I wait not-so patiently for my surgery on February 4th. I'm still not able to stamp or create anything. I can only be on my feet for about 5-10 minutes before I'm in horrible pain. I tend to save my time up and about for the things I absolutely have to do. Being a wife and a mom is so hard when you are so limited! I'm trying to get some meals cooked and in the freezer so my husband doesn't starve while I'm recuperating. The problem is, it's almost impossible to make something somewhat healthy and nutritious when I have such a small window to work with. I've done some internet searches and found a few recipes that I will hopefully be preparing tomorrow. Don will be helping me, so I'll probably be supervising more than actually cooking. If any of you reading have any super duper easy main dish recipes to share, please do!
Other things I'm doing include reading LOTS of books. I swear sometimes I feel like my eyes are going to fall right out of my skull. Is it possible to read too much? I am reading almost a book a day at this point.
The excitement of the new Stampin'Up! catalog just hasn't hit me yet. It's not because of lack of great product, it's just not being able to use any of it that is the problem! The new catalog is really great, lots of new stamps and some cool new products. I know my excitement and interest will return once I'm feeling better. I haven't even made my wish list yet......So sadly, I have nothing to show here on my poor little blog. I have several sets that I pre-ordered just sitting in my stamp room all lonely and sad. I know the stamps will still be there when I'm ready to stamp again. I hope I get to use them before the NEXT catalog comes out in August.

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Candace H said...

Lyn, I'm so sorry you are having back trouble and lots of pain. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as the surgery draws near (and for a smooth recovery).

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