Monday, July 7, 2008

Random thoughts

Going back to the gym at o' dark hundred this morning (5:30 am) was a bit difficult after having 3 days in a row "off". And I didn't do anything physical all weekend. I just can't count floating in the pool as exercise LOL But I suffered through it and got it done. My trainer worked the heck out of my chest and back today.....I swear he thinks I'm "Arnold". I keep telling him I'm an old lady,he has to take it easy on me LOL I don't think he's buying it. I'll be back first thing tomorrow morning.
This blogging stuff is so bizarre to me. I read other people's blogs and really enjoy peeking into their worlds. I fear mine is so mundane and un-interesting that there won't be any good stuff to write about. I guess time will tell.
Switching gears, I'm still working on swaps for the Stampin Up convention that is in 3 weeks. I have a fair amount done already, but I need to do at least 1 card front. All my other swaps are 3-D's. The problem is, I ordered some stuff to make the cards and the order hasn't even shipped from SU yet........arrrrgggh! Poor planning on my part.
After I get back from convention I will probably start making Christmas cards. I promised myself last year I would NOT be making them 2 weeks before Christmas........again. Stayed tuned to see if I hold myself to that promise!


Cracker Scraps said...

Hey Lyn, I know you! I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator too as of last October! Great minds! I'm not going to STL but hope to go to Orlando in January. I've got no upline so no IRL support. I've added you to my links of friends! Hope that's ok with you! LMK

Lyn said...

Hey Jan!! It's good to "see" you!

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