Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been tagged?

Wow......this whole blogging thing is so new to me. I've seen other's be tagged on their blogs, but I never expected to be tagged myself! I'm not even sure of the proper tagging etiquette, but I'll give it a go. Linda tagged me ( http://ramblingsofanoldlady.blogspot.com/ ) Sorry, but I don't know how to link by just listing a name like Linda did.......

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?
Basically just being a mom and a wife I suppose!
Five Things On Today's "To Do" List
1. Go to the gym......I didn't want to go this morning when that alarm went off. Going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5:00 am are not conducive to exercise! But I did it!
2. Buy dog food
3. Shop for a new silver neck chain to replace the one that broke
4. Vacuum
5. Stay awake long enough to put David to bed
I'm addicted to:My laptop
Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire:
Hire Ginger to be David's full time in home nurse
Design and build the perfect house to meet all our unique needs
Fund a program to meet the needs of kids who have profound disabilities after they exit public school programs
Donate money to cancer research
Places I have Lived:
Orlando, FL
Saratoga Springs, NY
Mystic, CT
Wilmington, NC
Hudson, NH
Wilmington,NC.........in that order! :)
Since Linda and I know all the same bloggers, I'm going to piggyback on her list ;) 1.Kris2. Meredith3. Gina4. Ruth
Sorry if that's lame LOL.....but I'm a newbie!

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