Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flower Pin Card

I have a friend who recently had some surgery, and I wanted to send her a flower pin to cheer her up. I didn't want to just stuff the pin in an envelope and send it off. So I made a card to attach the pin onto. It's a very basic, simple card. The only real embellishment is the scallop border on the right side of the card.
I pinned the flower to a small piece of cardstock, and then used glue dots to adhere the pin onto the card front. My friend simply had to pull the flower off the card front and the pin was ready to wear.

Thanks for looking!


Linda F. said...

Thank you once again for this! It is lovely, and even more so because you made it for me!

pink said...

Very cute!!!

Ann said...

Wonderful! The colors and center button are just fabulous!! And to put it on the card is a novel idea!

Susan said...

Hi! Are there instructions somewhere for making the pin? Thanks! Sue McMillen / oppyrich@gmail.com

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